Chổi làm sạch ba via - Wire sus steel stwested-in brush

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Kích thước:

  • Đường kính từ: 11-22 mm

  • Chiều dài: tùy theo yêu cầu


  • Diameter: from 11-22 mm

  • Length: depending on request

These custom brushes are made using wires — usually two, but sometimes four. Filament is laid between the wires and held securely on one end while a device on the other end twists the wires together. The filament spirals around between the wires to create a twisted-in-wire brush. Sometimes these specialty brushes are called stem brushes because they usually have a stem that is handheld or has a loop on it.Twisted-in-wire brushes can be used for cleaning test tubes, holes, and in other general cleaning and industrial cleaning brush applications. They are often handheld, but the brushes may also be used in motorized applications if they need to spin in a drill or machine in order to deburr holes that have been machined, for example. They may be used on newly machined parts or well-used parts that require cleaning to remove coating or buildup.

These custom made brushes can be used to prepare a hole for being painted, powder coated, or anodized. Many times they areconstructed with wire filament, but they may be made with other natural or synthetic filament materials as well.